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With over 30 years industry experience, Virgo Security Services can provide you with a range of quality tailored products and services for all your security needs.

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Here's why you need security for your Home and Business


Deters Crime

The simple presence of a security system is enough to deter criminal break-in attempts. Now that's real peace of mind!


Protects your Staff and Family

Not only does your system deter crime, it provides security for your staff and family anytime of the day or night. Video Surveillance, panic buttons and alarms keep your most precious assets safe from crime and fire.


Lowers your Insurance Premiums

Talk to your insurer for details on how your security system can lower your insurance premiums.


Ensures Safety While You're Away

A security system protects you even when you are not there. You'll be alerted and able to take quick action no matter where you are.


Discourages Suspicious Activity from Guests and Workers

The simple act of observation actively discourages anything but honest activity from staff and guests.


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