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Security Monitoring


security monitoringYou can't be at your home or business all the time, nor can you be 100% focused on monitoring a security system yourself.  That’s where a monitored alarm makes all the difference. 


With 24-hour Security Monitoring from Virgo Security you'll get rapid alarm response. Your system can monitor movement sensors, smoke alarms, medical alerts or panic buttons.

While other unmonitored alarms may be ignored your monitored alarm and security system ensure that someone will notice and be able to take action quickly.

Grade A1 Alarm & Video Monitoring Centre

We own & operate a Grade A1 Alarm & Video Monitoring Centre – Australian Standards’ Highest Rating – built with redundant IT systems & other first-class features.

Security Monitoring may save you on insurance premiums

Back-to-base monitoring may also be able to reduce your insurance premiums. 24/7 monitoring is often seen as being a more secure system with less risk of a break-in. Talk to your insurance company to see if they provide benefits for a monitoring system.


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